Maze Outdoor Fabric - Ethos Corner Sofa Set

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The Ethos Corner Sofa evokes a sense of timeless elegance, with a classical design, reminiscent of interior sofas.

Full Product Description

The Ethos Sofa truly unifies your inside and outside space by blurring the lines between your house and garden, whilst still retaining the look of a sofa that belongs outside. It's deep seating with extra wide arms will let you relax and enjoy the outdoors for hours. Complete with footstool, put your feet up and forget about life stresses. Unlike most cloth, Maze Outdoor fabrics are made from fibres that are dyed before they are woven, this gives a deeper colour, with every yarn coloured to the core. The resultant fabric can be left outdoors for many years without suffering the fading and abrasions that plague other fabrics. All foam and cushions used in Maze Outdoor Fabric furniture is custom designed with a wide-cell structure to maximise airflow, allowing the furniture to dry quickly, without trapping pockets of water. The antimicrobial treatment that every piece undergoes prevents the build-up of bacteria that can cause nasty smells. Maze Outdoor Fabric products can be left outside year round, and cleaned using mild bleach and warm water.

What's Included

2 x 2 Seat Sofa sections
1 x Corner Sofa section
1 x Centre Sofa section
1 x Coffee table

Product Features

All weather protection. UV treated. Quick dry foam. Breathable material. All year-round protection. Stain resistant. Easily cleaned.

Product Specifications

Left Hand Sofa - Width 179cm, Depth 91cm, Height 74cm

Right Hand Sofa - Width 179cm, Depth 91cm, Height 74cm

Corner Piece - Width 88cm, Depth 88cm, Height 74cm

Centre Piece - Width 75cm, Depth 88cm, Height 74cm

Coffee Table - Width 90cm, Length 90cm, Height 40cm